Foot bath with mustard flour

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Under this topic you will find in lose follow up, some thoughts and practical ideas for big and small enjoyments:

Daylight in winter is a rare occasion. In the cloud-free sky we can only enjoy it in full beauty during late morning and noon hours. Well for those who manage to use such daylight hours and fresh air outside. For the remaining time of the day, life becomes richer, if we succeed to let an inner light shine inside body, soul and mind. How could that work? Below you can find one instruction for a light-warmth-gift for your body. To feel touched by a good book can provide a soul light. Starting with the story of Frederick the Mouse there are countless other variants. The light in mind/ spirit arises from thoughts or even ideas that you can be inspired by.  It can be found beautifully in the latin based words ‘Spirit’ and ‘being inspired by’ which developed from ‘inspirare’- to breathe in. The close relationship between air, breath and spirit is obvious. This is an active will exercise of a person’s ego and is very individual. I invite You to give it a try.

Instruction for a daily supply of heat from outside in, to feel at home in your own body and to warmly live through the winter:

Look for a waterproof bucket around the house that can hold your feet and lower legs according to their height. (Sometimes a trash bin is suitable.) Add 5-6 tablespoons of mustard flour (brassica nigra-black mustard seeds) to 10 litres of water (approx. 36°C, or more if you feel comfortable); children from 6 years 2 tablespoons). Let your feet and lower legs bathe for about 15 minutes and during this time cover the upper legs and knees with a large towel. If you feel uncomfortable, stop taking the foot bath. After the foot bath, rinse your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water and apply a greasy skin care product (oil, cocoa butter or similar). Then dress warmly and ideally rest for half an hour.

The mustard oils contained have a large amount of heat generation energy.   Therefore, the skin can become red and irritated. In this case, reduce the dose of mustard flour for the next foot bath until you feel comfortable. The mustard flour should NOT be used for children under 6 years of age, people with skin injuries and pronounced varicose veins in the bathing part of the body. Mustard flour is available, for example, in pharmacies and health food stores and of course in every oil mill that also processes mustard.

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