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  • Diagnostics and treatment of all gynaecologic diseases, if needed also in cooperation with colleagues of further specialization and WITH hospitals
  • Chlamydia screen once a year up to the age of 25
  • Cervix cancer screen (including HPV testing every third year from the age of 35)
  • Breast cancer screen,
  • Bowel cancer screen yearly between the ages of 50 and 54, then every second year from the age of 55
  • basic psychosomatic treatment
  • advice and treatment concerning the regulation of conception
  • care of gynaecologic tumor disease (together with a network of colleagues), tumor-aftercare

All treatments and screens mentioned above are based on the guidelines of the statutory health insurance and will be covered through that

  • extended cancer screen: ultrasound of female genital-organs, colposcopy
  • advice, diagnostics and treatment concerning fertility
  • consulting service and caregiving in every life phase of woman, beginning at early puberty until old age girls appointments (mostly without examination, first visits are consulting visits)

Some treatments and screens are not covered by the statutory health insurance. Feel free to ask us for detailed information about the costs you have to bear yourself.